english wedding in dortmund

A British wedding in Dortmund. Bride and groom love to spend their vacations in the UK. They had purchased their dresses in Edinburgh

English-speaking photographer

Are you looking for a photographer who does not only capture the wonderful moments of your wedding, but also speaks English very well?

You’ve found him.
On account of many journeys to the UK in the past decades and due to my Irish, English and Scottish friends in the Dortmund and Paderborn area, I speak English fluently. So the communication between you and me, respectively between your guests and me, will be excellent.

I would be pleased to help you make your wedding become a memorable event.

brautvater zum altar 3

It was a very emotional moment when the father guided his daughter down the aisle of the church

My service for your memorable day – a brief overview

My service for you starts with a pre-consultation. In my office in Dortmund or at your home I will show you photos of weddings which I have photographed. We also talk about your ideas and requests. And I make suggestions on how to realize them. I also offer you ideas on how and where we can take the portrait photos of the bride and groom.

Genuine moments

I have a photojournalistic approach to shooting weddings. That means I catch candid moments with my camera. Watching what is happening without interfering in the situation, I take photos of genuine, magical moments that you encounter throughout your great day.
Nevertheless, there will be moments when I ask you and your guests to stand in a certain order, for example for a group shot. It is the mixture of both which makes your photos so unique.
In the pre-consultation I will explain in detail how I work, and I will show you samples so that you get an idea.

Photos you want to remember

On your wedding day I will capture all the little and big moments which you want to remember in 10, 25 or more years. When your father guides you – the bride – to the altar, the moment when you express your devotion to each other, when you kiss each other for the first time in front of your families and guests, when your mother or father drops a tear, when you leave the church or the registry office – just to mention a few examples.

After the ceremony I take photos of you with all your guests, your families, siblings, witnesses and friends – either at the church/city hall or at the venue where the party will take place.

Portraits of bride & groom

At which time of the day would you like to be photographed?
Some couples ask me to take pictures prior to the wedding. But most of them want the shoot after the ceremony because the brides don’t want to miss the groom’s reaction when he sees her in the beautiful white wedding gown.
Either way is okay for me.

groom leaning against church wall
hochzeitsfotograf dortmund eventkirche 1 e1673606803867

If you like, I will stay until the party gets started. At your venue I take photos of the festively laid tables, details on the tables and the guests, the dinner, surprises which your guests will have secretly planned and of course the first dance and of all your guests on the dance floor.

During the party, I’m always pleased when the guests ask me for portrait photos.

bride getting ready
make up bride

Pictures of the „Getting Ready“

If you like I will also photograph the getting ready of the bride and groom. Oftentimes a female assistant supports me on the wedding days. So if you – the bride – prefer to be photographed by a woman, my experienced assistant can do that.

Online gallery

In a closer-growing world my photo galleries become an increasingly important tool. It is quite often that the families and friends are spread all over Europe.
They don’t have to wait until you send them an assortment of pictures. In an online gallery all the guests will get the opportunity to browse through most of all the photos which I take on this day. And: They may download the photos for free.

What will the couple receive?

Up to four or six weeks after the wedding, you will receive all the photos taken at your wedding. I will only eliminate those which you yourselves would drop in the bin.

I process the photos in terms of brightness, contrast and colour. The quality is as good as my samples on this website.
Additionally you will get photos in which I eliminate pimples, flush or other annoying things.